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TRANSCRIPT: Land Acknowledgement & An Introduction

Hello and welcome to the first episode of the Amber & Amulets podcast! First and foremost I would like to acknowledge the following people whose land this podcast is recorded on: Arapahoe, Ute, Sioux, Cherokee, Iroquois and Cheyenne lands. I would like to acknowledge and honor their lives, ancestors, elders, and descendents who lived and live in this area of what is now known as Colorado, USA and also who were removed from here. I live on the traditional lands of Sioux, Cherokee, and Iroquois who were forced out due to white settler colonialism, having their native lands parceled out. These tribes have rights to these lands even today. Colorado sits on the original homelands and hunting grounds of many tribes such as Arapahoe, Ute, Sioux, Cherokee, Iroquois, Cheyenne, Apache, Shoshone, Hopi, Ancestral Puebolans and Fremont people, Lakota, Kiowa, Navajo and many additional tribal nations. I ask you to be mindful of present colonialism's participation in your life, and take steps to understand your ancestry. I am currently working on decolonizing my life and will be working on it for the rest of my life, and by no means is it perfect nor will it be.

I am so excited to be here with you and before we get started on this podcast journey, I thought it would be nice for you to get to know a little bit about me! I am of Mixed-Indigenous, Mexican, and European descent and grew up and currently still living in what is now known as the state of Colorado, USA and have a background in neuroscience, psychology and biology although now-a-days I have moved into a more financial role in my career. I am currently a reconnecting native and doing a lot of ancestry and community work to find out more about my family on both my paternal and maternal side. Although right now while I am reconnecting, I identify myself as Mexican-American since I grew up more within the Mexican-American culture. I discovered witchcraft and folk magick during my spiritual journey years ago, and trying to figure out what spiritual and/or religious practice speaks best to me and my beliefs and I am still uncovering which branch of witchcraft I fit into.

I was inspired to start this podcast because I wanted to share how it's easy to balance science and magick and inspire others who might lean more towards understanding magick in this way alongside many others, especially when I dive into a bit of how I personally utilize science in my magickal practice. The science I incorporate is rooted in herbalism, neuroscience, and psychology and I will do my best to share it in a general way that anyone can use as a base to explore more.

Also, to me, science and magick are two-sides of the same coin and I hope to share both sides of my magickal practice in this podcast. I think I will have one science heavy episode nestled between a few non-sciency episodes so it isn't too dry for people who may not be as interested in those topics.

I will be releasing an episode bi-weekly to start. Be sure to subscribe to wherever you listen to podcasts and turn on notifications with your podcast platform if you’d like to be notified when a new episode airs. Some upcoming episodes will include tips for the unrevealed witch, enchanting jewelry, dreams and intuition, skincare and shower magick, and more. I’d really love to dive into the more political side of witchcraft in future episodes as well because I believe witchcraft is inherently political. Each episode will open up with some catching up chit-chat before moving into the episode topic, how I use it in my practice or lack thereof, and finishing with some things I've been loving that week which could be teas, books, music anything really! I will be doing my best to provide accurate scripts for the podcast notes as well.

This is a safe space, and my goal is to teach, have fun, and learn along the way. After all, this is a lifelong practice so aren’t we all forever learning, unlearning, and learning some more? No cancel culture is welcome in this space, with the exception of extremely toxic individuals whose agenda is to spread hate and misinformation without any interest in bettering themselves. Let's encourage others and ourselves to learn and ask questions in a respectful manner. I am including myself in that. I believe that everyone who practices magick is and will always be a student of magick. There is so much out there that we know, don't know, and probably will never know. I invite you to remember that it's okay to change your mind, you will learn upsetting things about your practice and its history, just as I have discovered about my own and I have chosen to change those parts of my practice. If at any point in this podcast you don't agree with me or if something I say doesn't make sense to you or you don't fully understand why I do things a certain way, or even if it does, I strongly encourage you to do more research on our own time because there is always more to learn. I don't know about you but I love a good research moment.

Now I just want to clarify that I will not share every detail of my practice for privacy reasons, and my practice will look different from yours, but I hope to encourage others to continue learning… unlearning… and learning more. There is powerful magick in research.

I hope to have fun and I can’t wait to see what the rest has in store. Thank you all so much for listening! If you’d like a transcript of this episode please visit the Amber & Amulets website at See y'all in a few weeks! Remember, there is magick in the everyday.


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