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I am Maritz [mar · eats], the creator of Amber & Amulets. I practice witchcraft and have a fondness for folk magic and hedge witchery. Whether I am brewing a cup of tea or making food for family and friends, I enjoy curating a sense of hominess for myself and those around me. I live in Colorado with my amazing husband and doggo. You can usually find me baking, candle making, pottery throwing, any sort of art and craft really!


I have a background in neuroscience and psychology and still use science in my practice today. To me, science and magick are two-sides of the same coin and I hope to share that side of my practice on this podcast.

Amber & Amulets is a podcast for individuals on a transformative journey of spiritual self-discovery, and practicing a more mindful way of living.

So, grab your beverage of choice, relax, and join me on this podcast adventure. Remember, there is magick in the everyday.


Thanks for reaching out!

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